The Collection


The MOOseum Collection consists of dairy farm related items - those used in the fields, barns, dairy and home, as well as items used by related businesses: milk delivery drivers, creameries, feed merchants, and veterinarians, including a large group of "cow" collectibles that delight visitors of all ages.

We are seeking additions to our main collection - milk bottles, cans and related equipment from local farms and creameries, ribbons & related awards won by local dairy herds and herdsmen, and other similar materials.

Please contact the MOOseum if you have an item you would like to donate to our collection.



Farm Families - The Dairy Map, Oral Histories & Photographs

 In the mid-20th Century peak years for dairying in Montgomery, there were over 300 commercial dairy farms in operation.  The MOOseum has made a special project of locating, and naming these farms, thereby creating a timeline for all our dairy farms - including specific years in operation and owner/operator names.  This map is a work in progress, and we welcome relevant information.

 ORAL HISTORIES are being compiled of dairy farm families, including related organizations and businesses.  If you have a story to share, open the "See & Do" tab , and then fill in and share your personal by filling in our webform: YOUR FARM STORY.  Although we primarily are collecting the stories of Montgomery County farms, we would be delighted to receive and archive any farm stories that relate to dairy farms in the Maryland-Virginia Milk Producing region.

 Photographs are a great way to bring life to a story, and our collection is growing and enlivening both the map project and the dairy family histories of the County.